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Mango Mint Smoothie- Low Histamine Diet

Green smoothies are a great way for anyone to pack in nutrition. Since it can be difficult to find recipes with low-histamine foods, I’m sharing my favorite! I created this simple recipe with just a handful of ingredients. This smoothie looks super green, but it’s wonderfully sweet and minty. Give it a try!


1 cup kale* (or other green of your choice like chard)

1 cup frozen mango chunks

1 cup milk of choice (I use unsweetened rice or coconut milk and avoid vanilla flavoring)

1 tablespoon mint leaves** (very optional)


Blend all ingredients until smooth! A food processor or quality bender will whip it up effortlessly.

*I can’t find green kale specifically listed on the SIGHI Swiss list, but other vegetables in its same brassica/cabbage family are listed as no/low histamine. Chard is listed as low histamine and is a great alternative if you have an issue.
**Mint is especially high in salicylates. Personally it’s become hard on my stomach. Skip it if you’re sensitive. Read more…

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