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My other work

Just some advocacy and other work I’ve done. Even when sickness overwhelms your day, there’s more to your life than being sick. I try to remember what else matters to me, and I hope you can too.


I do simple illustrations.

Little Animations

Simple animation is a lot of fun.

Wildlife Trade Handout

I researched, authored and illustrated this handout for one of my favorite organizations, Center for Biological Diversity. Volunteers used this to help educate congress members about the scope and relevance of wildlife trade in regards to public health. This was a heavy project for me, and really meaningful. No matter how much of a bleeding heart you are, environmental health matters because our own health can’t be sustained without it.

Download here and spread the word.

Gala Packet

I designed the logo, invitations, and booklet for The Dysautonomia Project’s fundraiser gala.

Wildflower Campaign

I designed simple seed packets and bulk bins to promote native wildflowers for a local arboretum.

Animated Menu

I illustrated and designed this menu for a yarn shop. It changes as it’s moused over. Click here to experience the hover