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elcome! This site is dedicated to living with POTS and MCAS, two invisible and surprisingly NOT so rare chronic illnesses. I worked hard to collect and distill the information you find here, because as you probably know, these conditions can be overwhelming and downright confusing. I hope you feel less alone, and find some helpful ideas. Maybe it can even help others understand the craziness you’re going through.

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Start at the heart of the website! It's the beginner's guide I wish I had when I first got sick.


Hey guys! I decided to post a couple of my illustrations! Hope you enjoy..

Low Histamine Diet

The diet that drove me crazy. I organized lists and collections to make life a little easier for those starting out. It's a little "loosey goosey" by nature. It's about wading through the quagmire and finding what foods work for you, no matter what list you start with, and regardless of histamine. Here's what to know about the diet, and some personalized recipes below...


I'm the "designer" of all these infographics! Please share them to help spread awareness...

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